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's progressive. >> mike: as a doctor my next guest has made it pretty clear he is not a big fan of obama care as well as the impact it will have on providers and patients. now, with additional cuts to medicare because of the sequestration he says medical professionals are living on the edge. joining me is dr. mark siegel of the fox news medical a-team. doc, great having you here. i want to talk about the medicare cut because a lot of people don't understand one of the plans of somehow balance the budget is to cut the payments to doctors, hospitals, rehab centers. how does that help improve healthcare? >> well, i don't think it does, governor.exic the secret of medicare is we are already living on the edge. both doctors and patients on the edge. we know when we see a medicare patient with all due respect to the seniors out there medicare patients tend to have more problems. take longer time for me to take care of. they need more technology. we always lived medicare because it doesn't restrict us. now, the more restricted we get the more medical problems we might have the solution for but we ar
serious, because budgets -- >> you're not going to repeal obama care. >> budgets are blue prints and priorities. we lay out. we think obama care should be repealed. the majority of americans agree with us. but we also think tax reforms should happen so you can grow the economy. if you allow these debts to continue to grow, they crowd out the private sector, crowd out the opportunity for small businesses to grow. that's why the economy continues to linger. if we are able to balance the budget, which ours does in ten years, you will unshack this will growth in america. >> david, it's worse than that. their budget is built on a hoax. on the one hand, they say it balances in ten years. on the other hand, they say they'd repeal obama care. the fact is they repeal all the benefits of obama care, the things that help provide affordable health care to millions more americans. but you know what, they keep the savings in obama care, and if you were to repeal obama care today, their budget would not be in balance. now, kevin has said that our budget will never balance. we believe that our p
it balances in ten years. on the other hand they say they repeal obama care. but they keep the savings in obama care. if you would repeal obama care today, their budget would not be in balance. >> you saw him there, the democratic congressman, the top democrat on the committee. good to see you. >> good to be with you. >> in the past hour, you announced what you're calling a house democratic budget alternative. first of all, what is it and how is it different from the previous plan offered by the senate? >> well, it is similar to the senate plan. in other words, we also focus on job creation and accelerating the economy right now. then we address the long term budget deficit in a balanced way where we ask for shared responsibility as opposed to the republican plan which provides another tax break wind fall to very wealthy people at the end of everybody else. the expense of the middle class, the expense of commitments to seniors. so our focus right now is to number one, do no harm to the economy. number two, invest in a jobs plan that will help put people back to work. whether building r
of obama care but keep the revenues from obama care. that gets 1.8 billion and patty murray doesn't want to do anything to obama care. medicare and medicaid. most of the cuts from medicaid by turning it back to the states. a little bit in medicare. ryan's plan is after we go to the voucher premium support, whatever you want to call. ryan has a trillion dollar cut in foot stamps, unemployment and agriculture subsidies and some stuff you want to cut and some you don't want to and you try to boil it down together and say what does this do to the debt? the gdp ratio. about 79% and this is presequester. the murray plan takes us down to 70% which is a little bit lower than where we are today at 73%. you can see the curve goes up and then it comes down and stabilizes. i think what most budget people view as the minimum acceptable amount of deficit reduction and still have something credible. simpson/bowles to 64%. ryan 55%. we would like to get there but the magnitude of what ryan wants to do to spending. >> neither of these programs take on intiltsments, do they? >> well, ryan takes on entitle
. francis, good morning. on obama care the house plan eliminates it. the senate plan kaoeupts. on medicare the house republican plan goes to a voucher-like model, the senate democratic plan goes to modest cuts to providers over time. on social security calls on the president and congress to address the issue and the senate democratic plan offers few specifics. melissa, i sense a stall in the overall look at this. once that senate budget hits the floor, whether you agree witness or not it kind of changed the dynamic does it not? >> it seems the dynamic has definitely changed in washington and they are working towards a resolution of some type. although when you look at those two plans there are vast differences and things you see on the board that could never pass plea happen, lycra peeling care r-frplt the mos obama care. the sequester came and went and the dire circumstances and pre dicks that were put out there it feels like to the average person didn't happen. if you watch the market it hit record after record as the sequester was happening. for those who want to cut and make bigger cha
flipped parties to become the 60th vote for obama care. we need to be careful about what it means to be electable. certainly the tea party doesn't bat a thousand but at least we are winning elections and bringing new people into the party and not in a position where the democrats can jam something through with 60 votes in the senate because of the tea party. >> i got to tell you that there is in litmus test that the republican mainstream has. i'm happenmy to have anybody that labels him or her areself as a republican and wants to represent the entiretry. we are not talking about the governor of south carolina and the governor of texas and the governor of utah. we have to look like america. today we look like a bunch of white guys from below the mason dixon line. >> chris: how do you look more like america? >> talk about issues in the way i interest to talk about issues. for instance i never read anything in my republican playbook and i have been a republican since the day i was born that says that republican and trade unionists can't get alonlong together. the carpenter and operat
. >> and the hangover of the paul ryan budget. that would disproportionately -- >> and also obama care which is amazingly popular. incredibly popular among african-americans, latinos and asian americans and the republicans want to repeal it, still. >> and eugene is right. it goes back to the central problem in the autopsy. and that is, this is, they're approaching this as a marketing problem. and that somehow if we change the color of the cereal box, that inside the cereal will taste much better and sell better. this isn't about hiring more walmart greeters, right? this is about having them come into communities with a different message. that's what's going to be fundamentally hard. look, i -- took part in a really long, tough primary in 2007 and 2008 with hillary clinton. it went the distance. but it wasn't a divisive ideological prime. it was about who was going to be the salesman against never before african-american candidate and a never before female candidate at that level. and these guys are having a very, very different, as you can see from those clips, this is fundamentally and ideo
bank, would you leave it in there? >> it's really that much different than obama care? you're sure? >> yes. >> really? >> yes. >> we're pretty -- our idea is why not take for the preschool program, take 10%, why not pay for solar energy and alternative energy development? why not pay -- if obama gets started on this -- >> joe and i have agreed that we're going to compensate -- what do you want to see, 20%? >> we'll start at 20. we'll start at 20. >> as we spend it all, we're going to need more. we're going to need the preschool, we're going to need solar energy. >> i thought i was completely wrong this what it was. >> it's an island, isn't it? >> it's an island. >> but it shows you how interconnected it is. >> i know. and fait accompli, he said i got there and is they were doing it. >> what if you found out that your bank got taken over by the fdic and the insurance that you thought protected your money was not there, that it was wrong? that's the problem. >> and by the way, 10% of your money is gone, too. >> explain to the eurozone just waking up exactly what -- >> carolin is goin
'll eliminate every nonessential expensive program i can find and that includes obama care and i'm going to work to -- >> joining me now, democratic strategist robert zimmerman and cnn contributor anna nevaro. thank you for being with us. i want to go back to that event at naacp in 2012. >> why, carol? >> i was intrigued with the new massaging of the message. i thought we were friends. >> i'm sorry. i have to ask you this. how could mitt romney have better put that and make the audience a little more receptive to what he had to say? >> carol, mitt romney who? look, he's yesterday's news. he's not the candidate anymore. he himself has acknowledged there were a bunch of mistakes made by his campaign. he's not the one setting policy. he's not the one setting the tone for the republican party now. i think what we should talk about is what the rnc did today. they appointed some very no nonsense pragmatic people including our colleague ari fleischer from cnn and also sally bradshaw among them to take a hard, harsh honest look at everything we did wrong. it was a bunch of things. they've had where with
they're talking about this, it's one of the main tenets of obama care that goes into full effect at the beginning of next year. so we're getting a taste of what it may look like. to see how people choose their health care plan. >> and if that trend continues. what's the one thing we need to know. >> stocks are set to fall today on the news from cyprus. it's still been a really, really good year for the market and your 401(k). have you looked lately? the s&p 500 which many of our mutual funds track is up 9% just this year. remember it's normal. very healthy to see ups and downs in the market. you really don't want to see the market keep on going up and up and up because the market could be setting itself up for a big pullback. the little pullbacks that we may see are healthy. the dow is expected to drop about 90 points at the open. may be a rocky day. >> but don't panic. >> no. >> 26 minutes after the hour right now. in a daring prison break in broad daylight, with a hijacked helicopter. we have new details this morning in this really startling story. coming up next. [ male announ
reset and it was the amount of tax put on medicare devices under obama care. everybody is now saying 2.3% will destroy it. the sequester, payroll tax hike and the new tax on the medical device makers and all of those are effectively 2.3%. >> do you think it's a fibonacci thi thing? >> it's a 15th century mathematician. that's how i spend my time. >> i think it's worth it. >> this is going to be the fed week. i hear 2.3%, and does that make you feel good or bad about the growth of the country? in other words, are we -- are we getting hotter like frank blake says or can the fed say, look, you know? it's not getting hot. >> you were talking in the break about goldman sachs and deutsche bank raising the target to 1625. deutsche bank raised its gdp target to 2.3%. 2.3% in 2013. >> 2.3% and three is not the magic number. >> 2.3% and when you were going through that i was -- that was -- yeah. blew my mind. >> she has steam coming out of her ear. >> i think this is a very big issue. does the fed look at something like a goldman sachs, sup earnings numbers and say this is time to start backing
and rachel and celebrities out there saying hey, i'm pissed of off, mr., president obama, do not objectify me, i care about my job, putting food on the table for my children. democrats would never go around talking about sexua issues with men, and we've just got to stop it and we have to smile about it and we have to say, women you know, all the young women i spoke to at cpac, crystal, contraception is not the main issue, paying my loans on and pissed off when democrats talk down to me. >> and rachel, of one spoke at g.o.p. needs to go away from roe versus wade. >> one of the issues how to get the hispanic vote and i had a very interesting experience. they are telling us, tone down the social issues, tone down. with hispanics not a very smart idea. i had a pro-life activist that told me she actually worked in loretta sanchez's district and loretta sanchez mexica mexican-american and they knocked on the door and told her position on partial birth abortion and you know what she told me, every single one of them took the signs out of their yard. so, it may not be the number one issue that hispan
is this somebody who cares about people like me? remember, barack obama had 81% of those who responded to that question and mitt romney had 18%. and 20% of the people who responded to that question said it was the most important characteristic. so i think this entire report is basically an effort to answer that question a resolve that. in that sense, it is useful to have this discussion for the republican party. but you have to be careful not to draw too many conclusions based on one year's experience. >> bret: juan, they had 52,000 interviews. 36,000 surveys. they called it an autopsy. the g.o.p. did looking back. what about it? >> without a doubt, the interesting thing for the republicans is the tuition within the party. we saw some of it at the conservative political action conference this weekend. a large segment wants the party to be more conservative. they don't want the party to moderate the views in order to attract people who are, women who are pro-abortion or minorities or immigrants who want pathway to citizenship. up with policy recommendation that came from the report toda
. are people paying attention? do people beyond cpac care? i think that is what obama is betting on. >> you used the word austerity and i see congressmen using austerity. american people know that word, austerity links to riots in the streets in paris and athens. austerity takes the yummy things away from them. that is the worst word to do. that means you can do things with that money. that is what we need to talk about. hopefully, ted cruz will send that message and he will not use the word austerity. >> part of the problem we have is president obama does something brilliant and he uses emotion. that is what resonates with the low-information voter. that is not their fault. they have kid, they have family in their life and the kardashian family is show is awesome. i bring that up because when conservatives get up $1.5 trillion -- we throw out numbers and people say let's turn the channel. we need to work on messages that resonate on an emotional level with regular people and do in a way that they say that makes sense. we can't spend that money. obama is out there saying i'm cutting the def
, hates social. it and thinks president obama is ruining america. as you can see, he is black. it could care less about the color of his skin, but that is not how some see it on the left. take dean freeland at american university who tweeted i don't think i realized beep carson was conservative until last month. he is becoming the right wing go to black token. race baiting may be going on there. the left wants you to believe the conservatives are racists and maybe they should peek in the mirror. if you attack someone for being a certain color, the professor clearly did, who is really race-baiting. you were cutting out opening intro. >> dana: quite a weekend. >> andrea: apparently. bob and i have become one. >> kimberly: everybody knows it. >> eric: what about the left and shot at dr. carson in they're the big tenet, right? >> kimberly: don't want to upset you in the first few minutes of the show, but they look like the ones race baiting and diminishing his accomplishment, value, core ideology. individual well educated. he fought to get to the position he is. in raised by a single mom. a
you very, very soon. >> caller: okay, good speaking with you. dagen: bob, take care. >> caller: thank you. con cop another big story, president obama will come out expected to nominate thomas perez, current u.s. assistant attorney general to take the place of the labor secretary. dagen: this could stir up controversy on capitol hill. joining us now with reaction is "wall street "wall street journal" editorial board member, jason. you get first dibs. connell: thank you very much for the floor. the controversy vowndz, -- surrounds, what, jason? an over active secretary? >> well, the record of justice, the obama administration is tooting the fact that he oversaw lending elements at the justice department, but not talking about the methods used in the cases. he used desperate impact, a way, basically, of using statistics to prove discrimination. if more blacks denied home loans than whites, that's automatically racial discrimination. more black kids sus pended rather than white kids, that's automatic racial discrimination. the facts don't matter, just the outcome. dagen: how could he appl
to president obama, which shouldn't surprise anybody, but also according to john boehner and paul ryan and paul krugman and anybody else who reads or cares to read, it is official, we do not have a debt crisis. we have a long-term debt issue, but we know more as the united states has a debt crisis than a family with a mortgage has a debt crisis. if you look at your mortgage compared to how much you make it is insurmountable. if you look at it that way, you would go i'm in hell and i'm never getting out. >> it's true. >> hal: look at the stats, it would just look horrifying and if you are the kind of person who treats this country like you are a renter like our dear friend paul ryan does -- because that's how republicans look at this country, they are renters, and they don't care about the damage they leave behind. >> it's very hard to trust you to run government when you fundamentally want to destroy government. >> hal: yeah, what is your primary qualification as a baby sitter, well i hate kids and i think there should be forced sterilizations. okay. we'll be
security establishment that to a man and woman mostly to a man wants the u.s. to take care of it, including ya'alon who is not known as being as energetic as barack. if it turns out that barack obama doesn't succeed with the diplomacy -- there will be real tension on the ground and the quiet meeting on what won't come out to the public on what is a breakthrough in diplomacy. obama doesn't deal with it and he says i'm not bluffing but he's bluffing. then the same people i think swing around to netanyahu and because i've been looking for years, i cannot find one supporter of containment. the idea that israel can live with the bomb. both u.s. and israel share that objective of iran not having a bomb. but i think the security establishment feels that if the u.s. doesn't do it, they have to deal with it. i think this is going to be a huge issue behind closed doors but it won't come out in public. in public it will be a great success story. obama will succeed. you'll see. >> brown: we will see what happens later in the week. we'll follow it. martin indyk, david makovsky thank you both very much.
think health care is expensive now, wait until you see how much it cost when it is free. stuart: doctor ben carson strikes again. he was critical of president obama as he was sitting right next to him. now he is warning about our debt problem. he says the president is destroying the nation. >> let's say they wanted to destroy this nation. i would create division among the people. undermine the financial stability of the country. it appears coincidentally. [ laughter ] >> that those are the very things that are happening right now. stuart: let's spread this out right now. doctor carson, he was talking about that. i want to talk to you about energy. would you say that president obama is ruining access to the fossil fuels which are hours. i would use the word abusing the american people. he says he commiserate with the american people paying high gasoline prices. he says it is like a tax on the american people. you and i have talked about this numerous times. this president has done more to damage the energy system in this country in areas that he can, federal lands, permits down 50%, prod
to get in touch more with the youth, i mean, democrats were out there, obama was out there with the children, and i mean, also with, like, it doesn't matter, but he was still getting out there. and people see that, and that's what they want. they don't care about information, really, because all the voters, they're low informed. and so, i mean, i think that the republicans should, my en just come out -- just -- host: i think we're losing you there, miguel, but thanks for calling in. we'll try now brad from greenville, south carolina, a republican as well. we're talking about -- we talked to just republicans in just the first 45 minutes of the "washington journal" today. good morning, brad. caller: good morning. how are you? host: good. caller: i think we should keep it simple and go back to the thoughts of ronald reagan and stop conservatism and just go back to the good old truth that is worked back then, that reagan laid for the incredible ground work of the economy in the 1980's and 1990's. clinton helped to some extent, ut then he created and repealed glass-steagal
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)